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Q: How many people can I have on the lease?
A: A maximum of three (including the guarantor)

Q: What are your guarantor requirments?
Guarantors must be United States citizens, have a good credit rating, and own property within the United States. Only one guarantor is necessary per apartment regardless of the number of occupants.

Q: How much time does it take to process your application?
Applications can be processed and approved within a few hours, provided that all required paperwork and application fees have been submitted.

Q: What paper work is required?
BenArt Application, Drivers License, Social Security Card, W-2, Prior Years 1040, Landlord Reference & 3-4 current paystubs or a letter from your employer.

Q: What standards are used to determine who is a qualified applicant?
In order to qualify, without a guarantor, prospective tenants must make an annual base income of no less than forty times the monthly rent. For example, if the monthly rent is $1,000 both applicants combined must make at least $40,000 (40 X $1,000). In addition, both applicants combined must also have a stable employment history and a good credit rating. If each applicant does not meet these requirements, a guarantor or extra security may be used in lieu of them.

Q: What type of credit score do I need?
BenArt does not look for a specific score.

Q: How Much Money is required for a security deposit?
As long as your credit is good, we accept a standard one months rent & one months security. If you have a guarantor, there will be an additional security.

Q: Do you allow installation of washer or dryer machines in the apartment?
We only provide and allow laundry in the building.

Q: What utilities are included?
All apartments include heat & hot water.
(Depending on the location others provide parking and gas)

Q: Do you allow installation of Satellite TV or dish?
Standard Cable only

Q: Do you allow subletting?
We do not allow subletting

Q: Can I put my company name in the lease?
We only allow personal names.

Q: Do you allow pets?

Q: Do you allow short term leases?
No, our leases are 1 year only

Q: Do you charge a brokers fee?
A: No. BenArt is soley a property management company.

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